Fund Your Business

HBIF provides loan information to small business owners and can help you apply for micro-loans through ACCIÓN USA, Florida’s largest micro-lender. HBIF can also assist clients in obtaining a bank loan by helping with business plan creation, loan application preparation and business concept presentation.


HBIF is a proud partner of ACCION USA, Florida’s largest micro lender, which provides financing between $500 to $50,000 to small business entrepreneurs who do not qualify for a traditional bank loan due to poor or lack any credit history. This program is available to all small business owners in Florida. If interested, please contact an HBIF office to request more information about the program. The information is available in English and Spanish.

SBA Loans

For companies who are looking for more than $50,000, an SBA loan may be the best option. SBA loans are offered through private banks with an SBA guarantee.

Some of the bank requirements to qualify for an SBA loan are:

  • Business plan
  • Capital injection of at least 30%
  • Industry experience

HBIF can assist you obtain a SBA loan by creating a business plan, preparing the loan application and presenting your business concept to the bank.

Commercial Bank Loans

Commercial bank loans are generally available for existing companies who are seeking to expand their business. To qualify for commercial loans the company and owner(s) must have a good credit history and have a solid financial position. HBIF consultants can help you understand the banking system and assist you with the loan application process.