Mission, Vision & Values


To strengthen the economy of Florida through quality business development and training to Hispanic entrepreneurs.


To emphasize the power of economic opportunity and act as a catalyst for positive community change by contributing to the growth and success of Hispanic-owned businesses.


Integrity – Personal and professional integrity is our guiding value in all that we do with honesty, loyalty and high ethical standards to deliver the best service to our clients and yield the best results.

Achievement – We value results accomplished through dedicated employees who strive for excellence to meet the needs and expectations of our clients and stakeholders and contribute to economic development.

Stewardship – To our clients who trust their information and ideas to us; to our investors who believe in the work we do; to our volunteers who give countless hours in assisting us to fulfill our mission. We continually seek to maximize the impact of contributions and use resources responsibly and efficiently.

Empathy – We continually strive to understand the needs of our clients, partners and sponsors. We appreciate the challenges that entrepreneurs experience in becoming business owners and leading their companies to success.

Teamwork – We believe in cooperation, respect, and effective communication within our organization and with our stakeholders, to enhance our combined knowledge and perform as one highly effective team.

Community – We are committed, optimistic, passionate and determined to improve our economy through a forward-looking vision, positive attitudes, innovative approaches and practical solutions to empower Hispanic entrepreneurs through education, guidance and tools that help them achieve success and benefit the community overall.